Eberron is back: what's next?
Eberron is now a part of fifth edition D&D. My Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron is now available on the DM's Guild; you can find a longer description and link at 


I've been waiting a long time to have the opportunity to create new content for Eberron... and there's a few topics I've been wanting to cover for over a decade. I'm currently working on Morgrave's Miscellany with guild adept Ruty Rutenberg; this is going to cover a lot of Eberron archetypes and elements that didn't fit into the Wayfinder's Guide (notably, Siberys Dragonmarks!). But there's a few large topics I want to cover in the months ahead, and the question is which ones you're most interested in. 

Planes of Eberron is a topic I've wanted to address in more detail since the setting was first released. This would delve into each of Eberron's unique planes, exploring both the possibilities for adventuring within the planes but also the ways that each plane can influence and affect stories on Eberron, including manifest zones, coterminous and remote periods, and the things that could draw a denizen of that plane to Eberron. 

Darguun and Droaam will focus on these unusual nations. Darguun will explore both the modern kingdom and the heirs of Dhakaan, while Droaam will delve into monstrous adventurers as well as story options to draw characters into this nation of monsters. 

Q'barra will build off the campaign I've been running, blending classic western themes with Eberron. Your characters have a stake in a small mining village on the edge of Hope. What happens next? 

Eberron Undersea is the long-delayed look at what's going on in the oceans of Eberron. From sahuagin and merfolk to the sinister schemes of the aboleths, this would provide some deep story hooks for the world below the waves. 

Faiths Revisited will explore my vision of the religions of Eberron, along with ways to express these things in fifth edition. 

Honestly, this is just an initial list of ideas; there's many more things I'd love to write when I have time. If there's other things you'd like to see, post them below! 

Planes of Eberron




Eberron Undersea

Faiths Revisited


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