Eclipse Transformations and Becoming the Sexual Priestess
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Happy weekend again, beautiful creatures!...  And, as always, welcome to our new members! 

We are at almost 300 members from all over the world and sometimes I imagine the beautiful party it would be if we were all in one huge room together!  I am honored by your support and it is an incredible joy in my heart to share this way with all of you.  It feels very special and it is only going to get better from here!...

As many of you remember a couple of months ago I promised I would post something for you all about the Sexual Priestess and why I am doing this project, every single week until late March when I had decided to start writing the book!

Yes, I knew I hadn't technically reached the second goal of the project which would support me writing part-time, so I knew I was likely jumping the gun and I'd have to fit the writing into smaller spaces.  But what I didn't know yet was what would really happen to me around this time...instead of feeling ready to write I went into a deeper level of the "pregnancy" of and preparation for this book. 

You see, we reached the first goal of this project a while back which was called, "A little more grace" and involved my being able to devote more time to preparing to write the book by gathering notes from 12 years of teaching and delving further into my ancient memories as a Sexual Priestess.  I have been doing that indeed, but suddenly with the two eclipses this month (boy, those were doozies, huh?) it has taken on a whole new level.  The memories and direction are coming much more strongly and I see exactly why I am still meant to be in the preparation level of this book. 

And I am far enough into this process now to see with incredibly clear eyes that what I believed to be true is right...the process of moving toward and into this book is lining up beautifully with my healing process while I go through treatment for Lyme Disease.  The things I am doing to begin this book by gathering my resources and memories are perfectly aligning with my physical healing, as I know will be true with the ultimate writing process as well.

I don't know how long this part of the process will take, and I am likely to start writing the actual book whenever it is done no matter what goal we have reached, however if we reach the next goal of "Writing Part-time" it would free me up to devote much more time to this which would have immeasurable benefits to me and this project!  So, if you feel inspired and want to help me reach the next goal of this

project and begin writing the book when it is time, feel free to share this post with anyone you think would love it!  (Or you can just share!)

So, without further ado, for the final post of this series about the Sexual Priestess and the heart of this project, here is a very special writing entitled, "Becoming the Sexual Priestess"  Click here to read it!  (hint: If you love this writing you will love my new online course by the same name that you can check out here!)

If you missed any of them, all of the previous posts about the Sexual Priestess, (there have been eight others!) can be found at my Sexual Priestess Resources page here, except the  original project video I made about the Sexual Priestess and The Orgasmic Woman Project here...

I hope you love all of this as much as I do, and as much as I love all of you!  Thank you so, so much for being a part of this beautiful dream and a part of my life.  I will be back with this month's Orgasm Session very soon!

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