I found the automatic thank-you post; it apparently posted early, and I really don't always see things that aren't directly in my center of vision (a sort of mental tunnel vision, if something on the counter is three feet away from where I thought it was, it will take me several minutes to find it).  Anyway, thank you.

I discovered late yesterday that the web log was not responding (again).  I checked several things to make sure it was not at my end, and then sent them a note before calling it a night; it was working again when I arose today, so if you tried to access the behind-the-writings post yesterday and couldn't, it should be there now.

So, too, should the new fiction entry, Verse Three, Chapter One:  The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 56, Hastings 20, in which Lauren starts planning an attack on the vampires to coincide with an eclipse.

More to come.