Ecosystem of Fake (Vol. I) Explores the Historical Conditions For Bots to Flourish

Every day we see a deluge of headlines questioning the role of Russian tolls, fake news, Bots, and election outcomes. There’s growing angst about what is news, and what is true. A crisis of information has evolved into an existential crisis.

Learn more about the complexity of today’s digital information battlefield in the first installment of our 4-volume ebook series. We examine the history of the Internet and the changing media landscape that has led us to the era of Post-Truth in 2016, Post-Fact in 2017, and what we see as the ushering in of an era of Post-Trust in 2018. The following volumes will take a closer look at political Bot use, actionable protection tips, and a collection of readings and resources. 

Exclusive to Patreon, Ecosystem of Fake: Bots, Information, and Distorted Realities - Volume 1: History, is available for free. 

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