Edepth PM expression test
Seon's face has not matched up and eluded us for a while, finally got it fixed and matched up for the game yesterday night its a step forward with all the position cordinates declared. 

It took me several hours to get this.... seemless result i am a happy noob coder. TwT Next is align Lien's face seamlessly. 


.:Other tiers update:.

+ $3 tier rewards: Added Edepth theme song mp3 for download thank you!

+ $5 tier rewards: Added Edepth vol1 ipad/android friendly for download. I will continue to add more vols. 

+ $10 tier rewards: Added Edepth psd for an animation shot related to clothing/hair loop.

+ $25 tier rewards: Added Edepth game bg asset for backer's use on their project. 

I scheduled to continue the manga roughly next week or early Feb as my cg work is coming to near finish for Edepth PM. (Right now squeezing time on sundays as all other days are booked for different work/tasks)