Edgy the Hedgy... (Shadow the Hedgehog review)
I looked at this game just to get rid of it. One of the most infamous and most misguided "Sonic" related games to ever be released. I hate it with a burning passion, especially since it makes a mockery of the franchise and ruins one of my favorite characters. However, I feel the worst for my Sonic marathon has yet to come... but this game is still getting thrown in the garbage.

Also: I have no idea why, but when I recorded all the footage I needed, some weird video filter was in all my footage. I thought the Hauppauge was getting worn out or something, but when I recorded footage for SA2 or Sonic Heroes both recordings came out just fine. I guess the Hauppauge couldn't stand recording good footage for this game in the same way I hated playing this game. I can relate... still, enjoy the video.