Edinblog Day 10 - Doldrums
Today I woke up and did admin for gigs back in Australia, and edited some video. Edinburgh was putting on an excellent show of rain/sun/rain/wind, which sent the non-natives into shelter. I bumped into these fine specimens en route to my show. My head was definitely out of town, which meant that though my show was full, I felt a little bit out of it until I hit the stage. Then I went and hosted Sweet Release, which was a blast. And then I dropped by Massaoke, and that was a double blast from a joy shotgun. Short entry today, comrades. Now go bed. See you tomorrow. ---- Alice Alice is doing two shows at The Edinburgh Fringe in the month of August: The Resistance, 8.15 at The Gilded Balloon every night from 3 - 29 August and Savage at The City Cafe, 12.30 every day from 22-28 August