Edinburgh Fringe Festival Wrap-Up

As I prepare to board the train back to London from Edinburgh, ahead of the big journey back to Adelaide, I thought I'd take a moment to sit down and take stock of the festival that I've just had, and share some insights and experiences with you.

First of all, thank you for your ongoing support. As an independent producer of works, in a very tough international market, I honestly couldn't do it without my patrons, both here and through my crowd-funding campaign that I ran ahead of the tour, as well as my dedicated fan-base who continues to attend my shows in the various cities I visit.

In short here is the incredible list of professional accomplishments and accolades I walk away with from this Edinburgh Fringe:

*WINNER of "The Voice" Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe Award

*****FIVE STARS (Voice Magazine)

****FOUR STARS (The Outlier)

****FOUR STARS (Broadway Baby)

****FOUR STARS (One4Review)

****FOUR STARS (EdFestMag)

International touring 

-Shanghai season in negotiation

-London and West London venues for 2018

-In communication with other agents for international bookings, details to be announced in the coming months as confirmed.


Assembly Checkpoint was an amazing fit for Rogue Romantic, and the show really shone true to its essence. I myself, backed by my all female band, and an absolutely amazing technical and front of house crew presented an absolutely world class cabaret show nightly.

I had the show recorded on the final night so rather than describe to you how the show went, you can see for yourself. I will make this available to all my patrons and supporters of my crowd-funding campaign in the coming week.

The season was not without its challenges.

Everything from the logistics of working out how to get the Royal Shakespeare Company's Grand Piano Shell from Stratford-Upon-Avon to Assembly Checkpoint, to how to get the biscuits (which was the hire fee currency) back to the company for the loan, and everything in between and beyond....

I was hit with a horrible flu in the third week which meant that I lost my voice, ironically in the week that I won The Voice pick of the Fringe award. I was forced to cancel shows, which was the first time in my career I have done this. I managed to pull through for the final weekend and with a round of steroids, antibiotics, painkillers and the medical assurance (after several hospital visits and scans) that my voice was not at risk of permanent damage, I got through those final shows to bring the season home in style.

With all the amazing successes and accolades I walk away with under my belt after this season, yet again, I am in a position of considering the viability of my career choice. I walk away, as many do from such a festival, with the bank balance further in the red, and with my hand forced to make conservative choices in the next 12 months from an entrepreneurial perspective and thinking strategically about my recovery from this venture and entertaining again the idea of substituting more of my time to generate alternative income streams.

I (the producer) took the hit this season, while I (the artist) grew astronomically. I (the brand) is stronger again from having presented this fantastic show in this international market, and I (the product) am in demand as a result. It is now down to I (the salesperson and strategist) to (with a new found aversion to risk-intense seasons) to implement and roll out the next phase in my (the professional)'s career. I (the human) am doing very well, after a period of reflection and meditation, staring at highland cows and sitting by Lochs, Glens and Bens in the rain. <3

Ever curious, ever learning, ever singing, I keep on shining. I am Anya Anastasia, cabaret artist, and there is no stopping me.

On we go!


Thank you Kate Pardey Photography for the photos.