Editing Episode 112
Was Derek right all along?
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The chip rewarded for a "Critical Fail" in our game grants the player an automatic initiative, or the option to trade the chip in for a "clue" from the Story Crafter. It's also used by Psychics to gain Insight Flashes during Seasons 1 and 2.

When it comes to our patrons, this level gives you full access to our Patreon page, including news, exclusive patron-only art, enhanced show notes, and sneak peeks! You also get exclusive access to RBY2187's blog: "News From Robbie's Garage," a patron-only newsletter about all the things the Storycrafter won't share!Want a peek behind the curtain? Robbie does it for you, and dishes all the dirt! This is FAR from being a "fail" in our books! 
Includes Discord rewards
$3 or more per month
The red chip in our game grants the player a +2 or +3 advantage on a d20 roll.

For our patrons, this translates to ALL Black Chip features PLUS automatic entry into any contests we hold, as well as access to other unique items, like PDFs of our Player's Handbook, lore guides, and more, as they become available! Red Chip patrons also get exclusive access to MRG9000's Music Archive audio blog (posted here every two weeks), and access to the Heart of Bronze Lore: Past & Present blog (posted here every Thursday)!

(requires a working email address)
Includes Discord rewards
$5 or more per month
The Blue Chip in our game grants a re-roll on any "failed" d20 roll that isn't a crit.

For patrons, this level grants ALL Black AND Red Chip perks (which means you now get 2 automatic contest entries ;) ), PLUS access to Boris's monthly podcast: Boris Presents! You also get an NPC of your creation or inspiration, and Shout Outs to you on our show! Be part of the legacy! Imagine the character YOU cast being part of future adventures! (Oh, and if your character dies in the course of the story...You'll get a new one!)

(requires a working email address)

Includes Discord rewards
$10 or more per month
The Green Chip represents a huge "extravagance" in our game. Buy an aerocar? First Class passage on an airship? And in Season 3...it counts as ammunition!

This level grants our patrons ALL the perks under Black, Red, AND Blue Chips (which means you now get 3 automatic contest entries ;) ), PLUS free sponsorship and dedication of episodes (in YOUR name), and "HOB News," our emailed PLAYER newsletter, which gives updates, progress reports, and upcoming behind-the-scenes game info, as well as exclusive info on other Heart of Bronze projects! You'll also receive a FREE Heart of Bronze e-book! 

Green Chip Patrons also get a key to the Official SRAP "SkyTrain Depot" drive loaded with goodies like advance releases of new episodes, and exclusive special episodes! And, you'll get an early release of the show's intro through the Patreon blog page!

(requires a working email address)

Includes Discord rewards
$20 or more per month
A Crit Success in our game earns a "Banked 20." A gold chip is an "Automatic 20" the player can cash in instead of rolling a d20.

For our highest level patrons, this translates to ALL the other rewards combined (which means you now get 4 automatic contest entries ;) ), PLUS a personally autographed copy of one or more Heart of Bronze soft cover books! Gold level patrons also get very SPECIAL shout-outs and mentions in the acknowledgements of future books, AND first crack at joining the cast when open calls are announced! The BIGGEST new perk of being a Gold Chip Patron is the "Heart of Bronze All Access Pass!" This pass, built into your chip level, grants sneak peeks at ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE Heart of Bronze projects, such as novels, the COPPERHEART audio drama, and more!

(requires a working email address as well as a mailing address for packages)

Includes Discord rewards
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