Editorial illustration Process
Here's my first blog and as a bit of an introduction to what I do here is my working process for an editorial cartoon.

-First of all I spend several minutes sitting with my head in my hands panicking.

-Next, I spend far too long trying to find as much reference material of the subject as  I can find, this isn't always easy if you are drawing obscure cricketers from the 19th century!

-I always start of the illustration with a drawing, makes me more comfortable to now where things should go and try and get tone sorted out before I paint.


-Now for the paint, slap on a midtone colour (always starting with the face) and then  add the highlights and shadows.  I know you shouldn't but i like to start with the brightest white.


-Swear liberally.

-Drop paint on the carpet.

-Now put it away and forget about it.