Editors: A Beat 'Em Up RPG

We are Loresoft. An indie game development team founded in 2015. This is our first game, called "Editors" and it's a Beat 'Em Up/RPG. So far it's an unannounced game. We haven't promoted it, unless we are sure that we are going to complete the alpha version. Once we complete it we will start a Kickstarter campaign.

Four editors working in a gaming website crash in a car accident. They lie in a coma between life and death. Now they will have to fight their own memories to return to the real world alive.

Editors is an Arcade Beat' Em Up/RPG which lets you choose between 4 characters, each one being a different class (Fighter, Barbarian, Amazon and Mage). Discover what lies in their mind. Fight against spirits and demons based on the games that Editors played as well as their real-life stories. Face their worst fears. Level up your character's attributes and abilities at the end of each level and equip new items.

One must live
Note: The game is based on real life editors and their memories. The 4 playable characters, Manos Gryparis (Hardcore), Padelis Daskalelos (LordWinter), Christiana Thanou (Christiana) and Aristotelis Zisimopoulos (Scorcher), all work in GameWorld.gr as head editors . These are their stories.

Funding through Patreon ensures that the development will keep going until the Kickstarter campaign will be announced. We need to finish our demo level. Most of the gameplay is already finished, so we need to complete the bigger part of the level, as well as several mobs.

Thank you for helping! More info can be found in Loresoft.gr.