Edits and OGL Updates

A new Open Game License(OGL) has been announced for 5th edition! This is good news because it gives a clear idea what can be included and what cannot be, and most of my expectations have been met. However this does mean that my current releases, the Setting book and Chapter one need some edits to bring them in line with the OGL.

For the most part this doesn't change much, but a few details need to be altered. I wanted to leave the setting book for later but with this recent announcement and the public release of Chapter One coming up, it gives me some strong reasons to reformat it and bring it up to date. This does mean I will probably lose a week or two I could have been working on Chapter 2 but that's life, once I finish these off I won't have to worry about them for awhile.

So what are the planned changes?


  • Create a Players Guide to Telehar. Including new Archetypes, subraces and spells.

  • Make the Setting Book aimed more at the DM. At the moment there’s too much information in it to be useful for players, so anything they should know will go into the Player's Guide instead.

  • Create new subraces. Not all of the 5e subraces can be used, so where necessary I will create new subraces.

  • Name changes. Certain details need a name change, but that’s all.

  • Monster changes in Chapter One. Certain monsters can’t be used so they will be swapped out
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