EDSYN Soldapullt Challenger Review and 1200 Subscriber Giveaway Update!
First, an update to the 1200 Subscriber Giveaway. I'm upping the ante some more, at 1600 subscribers by the 5th of March, I'll also throw in a 65% skull sleeve to go with the HIV60 and the Blue DSA blank set!!!

You can find the giveaway link at the 1200 Subscriber Video in the playlist.

I had to desolder some of the bottom row switches to fix up the spacing, and my cheap Jaycar/Duratech solder sucker was playing up as its internal spring mechanism kept disengaging. It annoyed me greatly so I asked the folk on the Aus Mechkeys discord for a recommendation that I could get locally, was affordable, and was reasonable quality without breaking the bank.

I was recommended the EDSYN Soldapullt series, and after looking at the options, I got the Challenger ESD safe SS350 model with the metal barrel.

I found it to be lightyweight, a good size to handle (even with my medium sized hands), and excellent suction power on the plunger. It was able to pull up the solder from the switch pin in one shot, which my Duratech couldn't do consistently.

The spring construction was external, and it feels very sturdy, so only time will tell, but the overall impression so far after desoldering 3 switches has been really good.

Price wise, it was only about $4 more than the plastic barrel Deluxe version, but it is also 10cm shorter, so much more suitable especially if you have smaller hands.

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So, until next time, Happy Clacking :)

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