Edthelrud Carvmine
Second piece for Goblin Week!

Here is Edthelrud Carvmine, a craftsgoblin who takes the raw materials of minerals, flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, insects, bones, bloods, and excrements, and processes and combines them in order to make pigments. 

Since goblins are a nocturnal people, with eyes more attuned to the sensitivities of night vision, rather than subtleties of color, they tend to prefer dark shades for their own use, and colors which are often referred to by outsiders as not so much "lustrous" or "luminous", but more..."lurid". However, an enterprising colorsmith goblin might find great success by devising more delicate tones for sale to other, more daylight-inclined, peoples. 

This work has been known, however, to pose the occupational hazard of tremendous eye-strain to the career professional who's fortunate to live long enough...in addition to the fumes, toxins, and frequent explosions inherent to such tasks.