EGG from the Sky: SEAT LEON #57
UNBELIEVABLE! Someone threw an EGG in my house!

Finally is came a Tow Truck to bring my car to mechanic! AAAAHHHH Ohh Damn..My Car!!! :)

A few moments in the STOP BUS in Noja Square waiting Autobus for going to Santander. A new car is waiting me SEAT LEON JTD.

Reale Insurance let me a Gratis car for all period that my car is reparing. 

Testing SEAT LEON and very very nice car, confortable and pleasure driving..when I came back in Noja I saw there were good waves! it was late to surfing...but The Next Day..great waves!

I closed this video with very special magic moments in the water..

Be Free, Live Dancing, Love Life as much as posible You Wish!