He wobbled as he walked, like he wasn’t yet used to the weight in his body. Every step hurt, throbbed oddly, but it was like it went through a filter in his brain. He knew it hurt, but the pain barely reached him. Even so, he forced himself into the restaurant, opening the locked door without a thought as it was so easily pulled off the hinges and fell to the ground.
“M-Mike…” He called weakly, voice scratchy and…glitchy?
Mike and Jeremy ran out, both freezing when they saw him. He knew he looked like a mess; he had no idea where the old, patched clothes came from when he’s awoken and his face and mouth tingled weirdly. He was tired, dirty and maybe even bloody.
His mouth opened without him telling it to and a voice he’d never heard before came out.
“Hello fellow human friends~!”
Both of them recoiled in horror.

Is this a story spoiler? Or a neat idea that won't happen in the series? :3c

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