Eight Wheel Chassis Test Prints

Sunday arvo is a good time to assemble test prints. Here's the eight-wheel chassis I'm releasing in September under my Armored Recovery Vehicle kit (which is already on DriveThruRPG) on the left, and scaled-down and under the Patreon Welcome Pack parts on the right. A little hard to tell from the photo angle, but the ARV wheels are slightly turned. For scale, the orange figure is the dolly I use in Fusion 360, and you'll see him in the last post too. The 28/32mm scale figure next to him is a Victoria Miniatures Arcadian trooper.

The second photo shows the SLA version of the tires, with simple rear detail. The suspension springs are SLA parts too, and the ARV is sporting an SLA Ma Deuce I've been working on that's likely to appear in a future kit. I'm picking up gray resin next time because white is almost impossible to photograph! These parts were printed on a Creality Ender 3, with the white resin parts printed on a Creality LD-002R.

I'm working up a fender for the ARV scale chassis, but kinda like the exposed look of the truck scale chassis. What do you think? A fender for the truck as well? Or exposed gubbins?

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