EL&B Pixie Dust page 61
tbh, I used my good joke on the facebook page. Oh well.

So dogs am I right?

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Sketches and WiPs!
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Thank you so much for pledging! With this amount, you'll be able to see most of what I post on my patreon, including;

- Sketches of upcoming Ellie, Liz, and Beth pages

- Finished artworks that I'm not ready to post publically

-Character concept art

-And possibly more!

Awesome stream of awesomeness
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For this amount of money you'll get:

-Prior rewards

-A link to my monthy patreon-only live stream! Held on the second week of each month, with microphone!

Full color commission!
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With this amazing amount of cash, not only will I be giddily dancing around the room, but you'll also get;

-All previous rewards

- A full-body fully-shaded image of a character of your choice! (No nsfw)

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