Election Frontrunner Zelensky Shoots Parliament & Predicts Split of Ukraine on 28 Parts!

These are jokes, of course... or are they? As the Russian saying goes, every joke has some joke in it, the rest is the truth. 

Ukraine presidential elections frontrunner Zelensky, who's ahead of Poroshenko in the polls, is a talented career comedian. His new comedy show, 'The Servant of the People' shows him as president of Ukraine. This series is posted for free on YT, and with English subs! 

Here are the links to the Servant of the People on YT - Eng subs:

Слуга Народа - все серии подряд, 1-4 серии комедийного сериала

Слуга Народа - все серии подряд, 9-12 серии комедийного сериала 

It's actually a brilliant promo and PR strategy! His trademark Kvartal 95 political live comedy show was always very popular in Ukraine. I checked it out briefly: some Kvartal 95 episodes made sense, while others were pretty crude and anti-Russian. But overall, he plays it very smart. He tries to appeal to the feelings of many, while walking a delicate fine line so not to antagonize too many people on either side of the barricades.

But since Zelensky announced his presidential bid, his new Sluga Naroda (Servant of the People) series went viral on YT, with millions of views. It's his best promo and calling card. And it also serves to introduce him as the future president of Ukraine internationally! With Eng subs the show can be freely watched on YT in Washington, London and Berlin. And in Moscow it can be watched without subs... Because, guess what: the show is in Russian, not Ukrainian! Hello, meet the future president of Ukraine - and he's young, different and active, unlike Poroshenko. Food for thought. As I said, brilliant! 

This show IS the secret to his sudden success in these elections. Ukrainians are so sick and tired of all politicians and oligarchs that they are ready to cling to anyone who they think is new and an outsider. The biggest selling point of all is that what Zelensky does in the show is what many Ukrainians secretly dream of doing, such as shooting the entire Rada, aka, Ukraine parliament, gangster style:

And this is another dream - or a nightmare - of some: President Zelensky wakes up and is shown a new map of former Ukraine. While he slept it disintegrated on 28 tiny independent states:

Among these are USSR (ex-Donbass), which means, 'The Union of Self-Sufficient States.' There is also 'Occidental Georgia,' ex-western Ukraine, which was taken over by Saakashvili, who managed to infiltrate from Poland. There are also bizarre new mini-states, who don't seem to know how to outdo each other, such as: 'That Same Ukraine'; 'First Ukraine'; 'Legitimate Ukraine' which includes 'a Ukrainian Monaco.' 

But my favorite is actually the 'Shvedska Volost.' When 'Ukraine president Zelensky' asks for an explanation, the guide tells him that this is ex-Poltava Oblast, which renamed itself to 'Shvedska Volost' - translation: 'Swedish Region.' Poltava is an oblast of central Ukraine and it is most famous for the Battle of Poltava. 

I mentioned it in recent Podcast:  How US Will Lose Final Battle for Nord Stream-2! (EarthShiftPodcast8) 

In that historic battle Peter the Great won and Swedish emperor Karl, who wanted to take over Ukraine, lost, which resulted in Swedish empire disintegrating and Russian empire strengthening and adding territories such as Finland and the Baltics. Turns out the Poltava Oblast decided to annul the results of the Poltava Battle 300 years later and declared its allegiance to Sweden. Zelensky: 'And what did the Swedes say?' Guide: 'So far, they are silent.' This episode is supposed to show how sick and tired Ukrainians are of their own country. 

This is the map of Shvedska Volost:

 'Volost' is an old Russian name for a region or oblast, used centuries ago, but not any more. It also resonates with the classic Soviet time-travel comedy, 'Ivan Vasilievich Changes Occupation' or 'Ivan Vasilievich - Back to the Future'. I highly recommend it, it's available with Eng subs on YT. 

Incidentally, do you see historic parallels here? Basically, they copied the split of the USSR. This is how Gorbachev found out he was no longer president of the USSR and that the country split on 15 separate states. 

Back in 2014-15 on FT I dubbed what was happening under Poroshenko and the junta the Crazy Asylum called Ukraine. But this is already a whole new level, don't you think? 

I previously mentioned that Zelensky is financed by oligarch Kolomoysky, who has a big score to settle with Poroshenko. Therefore, Zelensky is a puppet, but he is also a very talented actor. If people think that if he is a good actor,  he can also be a good president... I don't know, perhaps they are thinking of Reagan... Even a stick fires once in a lifetime, as they say. I don't know if it can fire twice though... 

That said, I don't think anyone can be worse than Poroshenko. 

And another thing: Ukraine desperately needs a hard reset. Will Zelensky be able to deliver it? I haven't calibrated all that yet, was too busy. But I don't see him being the needed solution. 

What I do know: every step away from the junta and Poroshenko, every critical film, word and thought are GREAT! They are leading Ukraine in a better direction. Therefore, weak Poroshenko, who's is losing it, is all good. Zelensky and Kolomoysky digging under him - also good.  Spiders in a jar - all good. And the rest will fall into place eventually.  

Many analysts still feel Poroshenko will falsify elections. But what Zelensky definitely has going for him is that he is YOUNG. That's his other ace! And it's the clincher for current PERIOD 8, the time of the young man! Generally, any young man during this period has an advantage. We discussed this in my new book's several chapters. 


I said this before: I don't trust Zelensky, his heart is NOT in the right place and he is for sale. But what if he and his masters decide that it's a lot more profitable to restore relations with Russia, end war in Donbass and start talking sense? After all, both Zelensky and Kolomoysky are 'businessmen.' They can count money better than most. And Ukraine economy is in death throes; panic sets in as Russia nears the finish line on both Nord Stream-2 and TurkStream and Russian gas is set to leave. 

My conclusion: overall, Ukraine is shifting, and people are questioning the status quo, for now ever so tentatively. But more to come! 

P.S. I could calibrate all this, but why take the intrigue out of it? Decided it would be better to continue watching the show. Join me in the front row!

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