Elekk Drawing
This drawing is for Jared Baumgart, well more like a mini comic. For all people in the 5$ and above tiers, you get your own drawings once a month. And it can be anything, just send me a private message. I'll put out a reminder once a month from now on. (just remember, I suck at drawing so dont expect too much)
Tier Benefits
Feed access and early videos
$1 or more per month 33 patrons

  • Watch all videos here first before they go on Youtube. Sometime weeks or months before hand.
  • Never before seen videos that didn't make it to youtube
  • Patreon only polls to pick the next video
  • Behind-the-scenes pics and videos
  • Once a month "Creepy/Weird" Comments post
  • Patreon only audio readings of WoW Lore
Includes Discord rewards
Behind the scenes videos
$3 or more per month 5 patrons
  • Patreon Only Podcast Access - in which once a month I talk about the behind the scenes of the channel and what videos did well in the past month. As well as talking about plans for upcoming videos. 
Includes Discord rewards
I'll draw you a picture once a month
$5 or more per month 7 patrons
  • I'll draw you an MSpaint drawing of whatever you want each month. (Warning my drawings are terrible)

Includes Discord rewards
Your name in the credits
$10 or more per month 3 patrons

  • I'll put your username (or website) at the end of my videos during your time as a patreon at this reward tier

Includes Discord rewards
$25 or more per month 1 patron
(Secret reward)
Includes Discord rewards
I will make your video idea guaranteed
$50 or more per month 1 of 4 patrons
  • Once a month you get to pick a video idea and it will be made next guaranteed. 
  • (I'll send you a pm with a list of video ideas or we can talk about a video idea that you want made specifically that fits within the contents of my already running series. Already running series include..)
  • (Top 10s, History of "X" Skill, WCmini Facts, OPets, Villains Corner, Fact or Crap, Conspiracy Theories, Machinima)
  • (Note on Villains Corner - Due to the nature of its creation, it might not be available as an option to be picked)
Includes Discord rewards
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