Element Six Update:
With E6 we have taken technologies, techniques and materials used previously only in spacecraft, fighter aircraft and hypercars and used it to build a computer case. Along the way we have developed a number of our own processes. We have developed a completely new and different design. All of the internal components, everything is designed by our team from the ground up even the power button.
We are not doing this for ego, if I were doing this for ego I would focus on making money:) I know how to play the money game, that is never what we have focused on. E6 is not for profit, the kickstarter is only to pay for the development. So this is a non profit project. We could have picked a simple, safe design with good practical liquid cooling capabilities and no doubt done OK that way. I have given other companies advice and designs which have lead to tens of millions in profits. (Lets just get past the ego, I know you all understand why I am telling you this and you wont have an issue with it). We chose to do E6 first, something in our eyes to advance the industry and the enthusiasts community, a learning process for all of us. Also something which we knew would not be stolen or copied because its too advanced even for the big manufacturers and a bit out there. They probably see this project as a little nuts:)
I was hoping that we could all have a rational discussion about what a case is, what a case can be. That we could look at this engineering exercise we have undertaken and all learn from it. When people are ready we will have live QAs with the developers, we have a lot planned.
We have a lot of intelligent people here, I would like to hear from you. I made the mistake of being honest about the process. I should have avoided talking about our personal reasons for doing this because it made it easy for the people competing via taking others down. I knew what would happen, I just hoped that I could share a bit of what has been happening though after keeping it all secret for so long.
I think people just need to look on the bright side that there is someone doing this and trying to move things forward. There is someone willing to take a risk. This is the only way rapid advance can occur. First we have to get out of this playing it safe for profit mindset. We will be a company who represents the enthusiast community (if you will have us). Our focus will not be on playing it safe just with profit in mind. I hope that people can understand us and what we are trying to do, and the importance of it for all enthusiasts.