Elements - embody and dance with different elements - Vive

The main ideas of this demo:

· Create a duet between one dancer in VR and another dancer representing different elements

· Allow users to embody different elements with their movements

This was part of the DanceHack SF event organized by Kinetech Arts. By embodying different elements dancers could connect to different types of movements. For instance, by embodying wind through controlling butterflies with my movements, very jumpy and “floaty” movements came out.  Another interesting aspect was embodying Earth while just practicing breathing.  

For the performance we combined extra vive trackers, leap motion and TPcast wireless adapter for vive. 

Technical Stuff:

1. This demo was made for Vive developed with unity 2017.1.1f1

2. You will need windows 10 for the voice recognition to work.

3. Download the correct file from the attachment bellow. 

4. Unzip and run .exe or if you want the source file import the package into Unity.

5. Make sure the Vive is up and running

We recommend strapping on the hand controllers wind/liquid/fire.


If you have windows 10 and a microphone you can use the voice interface:

Say: Fire, Liqued, wind, earth to activate the effects or say change to change them.

You can also use a key board interface and use the first letter of each word (F,L,W,E).

For Earth, place controllers on your chest and stomach and breath in and out. You can move the terrain by using the up/down/pageup/pagedown/left/right arrows and also change the direction of the camera by pressing M, that way you can lay down and breath while seeing the terrain.

Script tips:

The dancehack script receives the inputs from the user either voice or keyboard and broadcasts messages to all objects lower in the hierarchy.

Each specific effect has a script of its own that is attached to a container and receives the broadcast message turning specific game objects on/off. You can not attach the scripts to the game objects themselves because they will not receive the message if they are not active to begin with.

The Earth script also changes the scale of the terrain based on the difference in position between the two controllers. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts