Elephant Trunk ( IC 1396)
Hey everyone,

Today I have for you the Elephant Trunk Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha.  This is definitely..not my best work.  It looks really nice zoomed out.  However, due to tracking issues or polar alignment issues, the stars are not circular and the image looks a little off as a result.  Overall, this is about 26 x 600 second exposures, which is a LOT of data (Over 4 hours and I took about 52 images total so that's 8 hours of images!!!  Think about if I added color.  It could have easily been upwards of 12 - 14 hours of imaging!), but I had to throw away a lot of it and these are fairly useless to me.  It's unfortunate, but that's the way the hobby goes.  You have sets of data where you go, "Ahh I left this on overnight and my guiding disconnected and all my images have trailing stars," or "I forgot to take my Bahtinov mask (focusing aid) off and all my images are worthless."  It happens, but there is always the next clear night to take images.  Hopefully I can revisit this.

Taken with my 6" Newtonian Reflector over the course of a few nights in March

ZWO ASI1600mm-c and an Optolong Hydrogen Alpha 12nm filter.

Clear Skies,


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