The Elf & mr. Handsome [Fallen Heroine]

Hey folks

Meet strong Domina the Elf & lustful Handsome !

It's hard to have a BDSM dom-sub action with so lewd and brute mutant as  mr. Handsome is.

Even the skillful elven mistress can fall...

I had a commission called "Mutant & Domina" last week based on the same BDSM mistress  & elven guard heroines from the Whorelords game. 

It was made so cool and I decided to use it as a base concept for elves & monster-mutants characters in the Fallen Heroine.

for uncensored XXX scene
or download this one & a lot of other cool pics from My Porn Dropbox

 Wanna order the commission too? 

It'll be available on the +100$ pledge tier short time as an experiment for Patrons only. 

 🎁You can request 1 scene (per month) with any fetishes you want and any models that we used before as VIP Commission 

Most successful commissions will be shared for Our Community in the Fallen Heroine game 

& write me PM about your commission...

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