Elf Ranger - Aelar Elleid - the fire sorceress (level 4)


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Aelar Elleid - the fire sorceress

I will not fictionalize the published adventures as though Aelar ran through those, but I am imagining there have been some adventures to shape the progress at this new build.

Aelar has advanced Skills and Nature aligned with her pursuit of learning about magic phenomena. Her adventures have been short delves with more town events where her Fiery attitude can stir up the townsfolk. As a member of an adventuring band, she has focused on her own goals more than team endeavors, which shows in her increased Arcanist, Lore Master, Scholar, Criminal, and Scout. The increased Nature allows for later gaining a Wise and a Trait in pursuit of her objectives. 

While gaining levels, she has gained an additional two 1st circle spells and a level benefit. She has foregone the practicality of the level benefits that would give a stronger capacity for wilderness chores. 

Considering short delves with visits to town, I also imagined shifts in the campaign. Aelar has a revised Belief reflecting her view that the Young Lords are causing problems in society rather than the Old Ones. Yet, the Instinct remains. Her kit is unchanged as well.

I used the Torchbearer 1st edition to fit my concept for this build and Thor's suggested rules for creating higher-level starting characters found at the Torchbearer blog (Begin by Being). At a later time, I'll review this build with the Torchbearer 2nd edition rules.

This is the dry description of the process: 

  • Spending 23 advancement tests (pass or fail) gives 5x Arcanist raised, 5x Lore Master raised, 3x Scholar raised, 3x Criminal raised, 3x Scout raised, 7x Nature raised.
  • Selecting spells and a level benefit gives C1 spell Aetherial Swarm, C1 spell Wizard's Aegis, Fearless.
  • Reducing Nature by 2 permits a new Wise Young Lords' Cults-wise and a new Trait Sharp-Eyed.

Level: 4

Stock: Elf

Class: Ranger

Descriptors: Singing, Remembering, Hiding

Abilities: Nature 3, Will 4, Health 4, Circles 4, Resources 0

Skills: Arcanist 4, Fighter 3, Criminal 3, Lore Master 4, Manipulator 2, Pathfinder 2, Scholar 3, Scout 3, Survivalist 2

Wises: Elven Lore-wise, Street Living-wise, Young Lords' Cults-wise

Traits: First Born 1, Fiery 1, Sharp-Eyed 1

Level Benefit: Fearless

Weapon: Dagger

Armor: Leather

Hometown: Elfland (gains Pathfinder, Calm)

Social Graces: Manipulator

Specialty: Criminal (or Hunter depending on choices of others in a group)

Nature Responses: Sing the ancient songs, Confronts evil, Lives with struggle and grief (replaces Calm with Fiery)

Circles Responses: has a friend in the street circus (Halfling Burglar), has high-achieving parents (professors of elven psychology, Mentor), has a mentor (Elf Ranger), has no enemy

Inventory: Dagger, Leather Armor, Fine Cloak, Satchel, Traveling Spell Book, Rations, Belt Pouch, Spell Components, Waterskin, Shoes

Spells: Elven Will-O-Wisps [Dance of the Fireflies], Burning Motes [Aetherial Swarm], Elven Fortune [Wizard's Aegis]

Belief: The Young Lords are inciting chaos all around me; I have no choice but to defy them.

Instinct: I will keep a light ablaze in camp.

After the exercise building a higher-level version of Aelar, she seems less challenged by limited gear. She can create a light, battle with magic, and has strengths in town with varied Traits, for example, Scout with Sharp-Eyed can be a strong combo for discovering critical details of a scenario even in a crowd of riotous townsfolk while Manipulator with Fiery can induce town leadership to serve her purposes.

 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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