Elf Ranger - Indus Monette - the illusionist (level 1)

 artwork by  moiraburk ( https://www.fiverr.com/moiraburk

Indus Monette - the illusionist

Indus comes from a remote village of sheepherders and other peasants where his rough handed parents remain, but he does have an adventurous friend lower in the valley at a bustling crossroads. His rating in Peasant and Scavenger might be assets for a group; he might end up leading those tasks if no other companion has a rating to handle those. His kit is a bare minimum despite having cash dice to begin, so he must rely on the kindness of his companions.

Without a mentor, Indus will have trouble learning new spells, so the extra effort will be required to discover or develop new spells. Lacking Pathfinder detracts from seeming like a ranger. He is almost a liability.

I used the Torchbearer 1st edition to fit my concept for this build. At a later time, I'll review this build with the Torchbearer 2nd edition rules.

Level: 1

Stock: Elf

Class: Ranger 

Descriptors: Singing, Remembering, Hiding

Abilities: Nature 5, Will 4, Health 4, Circles 3, Resources 0

Skills: Arcanist 3, Fighter 2, Lore Master 3, Manipulator 2,  Peasant 2, Scavenger 2, Scholar 2, Scout 2, Survivalist 2

Wises: Elven Lore-wise, Wilderness Roving-wise

Traits: First Born 1, Curious 1

Weapon: Dagger

Armor: Leather

Hometown: Remote Village (gains Peasant, Early Riser)

Social Graces: Manipulator

Specialty: Scavenger (or Survivalist depending on choices of others in a group)

Nature Responses: Sings the ancient songs, Retreat and hide, Lives by struggle and grief (replaces Early Riser with Curious)

Circles Responses: Has a friend down the valley (dwarf adventurer), Has simpleton parents (herder and gardener, Peasant), Has no mentor (gains 2D coins), Has no enemy

Inventory: Dagger, Leather Armor, Fleece-lined Cloak, Satchel, Traveling Spell Book, Rations, Belt Pouch, 2D coins, Waterskin, Shoes

Spells: Silver Tongue [Thread of Friendship]

Belief: I will become a master if I can find a master.

Instinct: If the path is clear, I will lead the group.

He is poorly-equipped, innocent, and oddly skilled. It is an underwhelming elf ranger but should render an interesting character.

 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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