Elivera has a new home on World Anvil!

It's taken me awhile to find a suitable place to store all the lore of my Elivera world, especially if I want to be able to make it easy for folks to utilize the lore for role-playing games. One of our goals for the game I'm making with friends (Sphinx Sun Studios) was to have role-playing homebrew rules available as a kickstarter tier for the computer mystery puzzle game we are developing. 

Since we are using Elivera as the setting, I needed to find a better way than google docs and patreon posts to consolidate my lore. World Anvil had some exemplary terms for creators like myself, that lets my work stay copyrighted to me, while they provide a whole suite of wonderfully accessible services for me to store the information and expand on various aspects of my world. This allows me to share my world with others, keep certain parts private until ready for release, and allow my friends to search my lore easier while we work on our game project.  

It's going to take me quite awhile to port all the information into world anvil. But I have the beginning of it set up here: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/elivera3A-the-lost-ones-aidanbird   

As I continue to port my notes and documents from hand-written binders, googledocs, blog posts, and plethora of documents on my computer, I will continue to highlight interesting articles and information about the lore of Elivera on Patreon. I will also link out to the full article on World Anvil (if it is complete by the time I highlight on Patreon). 

So I'd love to see you share this post in hopes I'll get more people interested in supporting me as I push forward on this endeavor to compile and expand upon my Elivera world -- a world that is set on an alien planet with a culture that is collective-based, socialist, inclusive, and diverse!  

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