Just watched some tutorials with some painting styles very different from my usual select and fill. All these years I've been doing it wrong. Well, not wrong, but not right for the effect I want.  The guy I watched was doin' it in Photoshop, which has a slightly different effect when attempting something similar in Clip Studio. That is perfectly fine with me as it will allow me to develop it into my own style. 

Y'all, I am in love with this Ugee. The colors are so brilliant and the image so crisp. I am lookin' at this image on my laptop and the colors are muted and muddy by comparison.  It's like the difference between a Spring day outdoors and a Spring day inside a car with a 30% window tint. I truly hope the colors are accurate and the print is just as vibrant.  I hope you can see how bright the colors are on your screen.

Speaking of prints, I am going to turn these museum studies into a postcard series. They will be a sketch study and this more painterly color wash. Please keep in mind the above is not finished yet, that's just part of the process to get a lot of color in there.  The back will look like a typical postcard, but I will have a small black and white image of the original artwork, the title, artist, and in which museum it can be found. Also mention of which of my original characters is being used.  

Really excited to be pushing myself in a new direction. What I was doing before was so tedious to me I didn't enjoy it near as much.  Not only that, but this is much quicker.  It used to take me days for coloring. I think once I get this down I can probably do the coloring in a couple of hours.