Ellie - The Last of Us pt 2
 "I'm gonna find and I'm gonna kill every last one of them," 

Here's a tribute art to one of the amazing characters from The Last of Us. I am super excited to revisit the character's next chapter in The Last of Us part ii. The story of this game was soo emotionally intense and felt so real! The performance of the actors but also the quality level of everything, animation, sound, models, lighting, story felt so real. Being a developer, making a game is fucking difficult! It takes everything to make something right. Naughty Dog has my full respect for somehow delivering the quality without any flaws.

This is my celebratory art with a style twist to more Ghibli/Disney esque style. 

No Video Process for this one as I was in a hurry and felt too nervous to capture this. 


December Content releases on January 7th 2017

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♥HD images step processf

♥HD raw PSDs (Raw as many non merged layers)

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