You've been hanging in there, supporting me while I've gone up and down the hills and valleys. I appreciate that. I said once my LEA Art Install was done, I'd be ready to get down to business again, and with your awesome support, the LEA Sim was a fantastic success...and now I owe ya's.... I wanna do a piece, get it printed (4x6) and send it to you....I'll sketch out some ideas this month!

 All your support has been helpful and I've noticed some of changing your donations...I understand, I haven't been so active as of late.

  I have some new inkies to share and a few less projects 'at the moment' although I'm currently working on a few commissioned pieces on the side.

  Then let's revamp this thing and get the gears going again... For those of you in Second Life, I certainly hope to keep seeing you at my shows....Thank you again and I'm looking forward to some new creations....again, thanks for believing in me and keeping the love!

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