elocin is everything I am not.

If you've ever been interested in the creative process and reasoning behind elocin photographic, here it is! 

elocin is everything I am not. Still, elocin is me. She is who I want to be. How I wish others would see me on the outside, how I see myself on the inside. Spontaneous and creative, confident and outgoing. elocin is the frontwoman of my enterprise and also the back end of my desire to be. To be the go to for creative soulmates and round tables of intellectual outpouring. 

elocin is the embodiment of my potential as an artist. She is the be all of my desires for life. To be free to create and provide a creative outlet for those that I work with and for. 

Creating has always been an outlet for my anxiety and doubts. Each project renews the confidence I have in myself. elocin is the lens through which I view the artistic possibilities of my surroundings. 

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