The Elsa-verse timeline (so far)

At first, things were pretty easy.  DwE came before RfJ.  Then came FM, which starts out before RfJ, then runs parallel to it, and ends at the same place.  Maybe a little confusing.  But you would be forgiven if you couldn't keep track of where the DF episodes and especially the AAA ones take place.  So I put together this little timeline to help us all keep this stuff straight.



An unspecified amount of time later

Wednesday: FM Prolog, AAA1, AAA2, Riot at Mayhem concert 

Friday: AAA3

Monday: AAA4

Friday: AAA5, AAA6

2 weeks later

Friday: AAA7

1 week later

Thursday: FM start, AAA8 start.

Friday: RfJ start

Saturday: DF1

Tuesday: DF2

Thursday: DF3, AAA8 end, bombing at Mayoral rally, AAA9, FM end, RFJ end.

AAA10 start (sometime in this period).

Two weeks later.

Friday: DF4

Saturday: DF5

AAA10 end (sometime in this period). 

Two weeks later.

Friday: SC start

Sunday: SC end

And, a little teaser.  Both the next installment of DF and the next short story take place after SC.  So we're finally heading into uncharted territory...


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