Elsa's Nightmares Full Game

Jun 17, 2020

Today, I'm releasing the final chapter of Elsa's Nightmares.  As I've said before, this was originally intended as a series of "sex heavy, story light" patron perks to help keep people engaged while Mortze worked on A Warrior's Heart.  But, shortly after Mortze released his game, the pandemic hit hard and quarantined all of us.  So I switched to giving these to the public at large in order to do what little we could to take people's minds off of world events.

Privately, this endeavor was something of a "gateway drug" for me.  It let me ease back into game development and dip my toe into the Renpy world.  And that lead to my writing a full on game, called "Life Changes for Keeley."  Mortze and I have been working hard on LCfK since the release of A Warrior's Heart, and we're largely done.  I plan to wrap it all up and release it in about a month.  

But, for now, I hope you enjoy the conclusion of Elsa's Nightmares.

PC/Linux version:


Mac version:



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