Elyden is a dying world that exists in the waning shadow of gods that have long-since abandoned her. Her domains are slowly crumbling, succumbing to pollution and decay. In some places a veil has fallen, warping the natural order of things even as the nightmares of maddened gods further unravel the world. Seemingly ensnared by her own decadence and decay, Elyden has become a world far removed from the beauty in which she was conceived. Seas slowly retreat, killing ports and harbours. Deserts expand, taking with them what life has managed to cling this far along Elyden’s descent into corruption. With this unravelling of the natural world comes the waxing of the two elemental forces that dominate her demesnes, known as the Firmament and the Atramenta – the two halves of creation.

Her wardens, the 22 god-like Demiurges are forgotten. Once fortified by their subjects, the 22 mortal tribes, the Demiurges have dwindled from memory and have become weak simulacra of what they once were. Many of the mortal tribes have disappeared in the wake of their guardians’ languor, and those that remain are now changed, fooling themselves with the notion that their civilisations and cities can protect them from the dying world and her horrors. Without followers, the Demiurges have fallen dormant and now slumber, their dreams transformed into tangible nightmares that are felt across the changing world as their once-followers continue in their path to oblivion. Elyden is now a place corrupted by the Demiurge's nightmares, where demesnes and realms unravel like rotten dreamscapes; their corpses blights upon sanity and normalcy.

Those of the Demiurges who remain alive do so at the whim of their followers. Bitter at their own fall, shackled by their mortal followers, they survive in diminished form. Those Demiurges granted the luxury of sentience and strength-enough to manipulate their world, withhold what knowledge they possess that has not become corrupted by insanity, leaving the mortals to their own devices. Bitter in the knowledge that the mortals were granted luxuries that they themselves squandered, most have come to detest their progeny, only begrudgingly seeking them out due to the restorative effects their worship has on the Demiurge's weakened states. Some Demiurges secretly reward those noble and hard-working mortals with minor secrets of their knowledge, though such secrets are rarely disseminated readily as they once were in Elyden’s infancy.

Above them all, unchallenged throughout the latter millennia of the Fifth-Age has reigned a single Demiurge, sundering his siblings beneath his reign; Rachanael the Hungry, Seventh of the Demiurges, and so-called Undying Machine. Under his dark reign was Elyden allowed to rot, the cities of the Korachani empire spreading like a disease around the Inner Sea, raping the land, leaving it in ruins, hastening Elyden’s decay. Farther abroad, distant empires and nations cling to a semblance of culture, though they too are in decline.

And amid this corruption do the remnants of the 22 mortal races struggle to survive. Some seek solace in ignorance, wanting only to survive their short stay in the world. Others however seek answers to questions unasked, searching cyclopean ruins of distant ages revealed by the rot of the world, hoping to find in their catacombs and foundations hints as to where they came from, what their purpose in life is. Perhaps in such ruins might they also find the answer to their survival…

This is the world of Elyden, a tomb in the making, its entropic end within sight yet still, out of reach.