Embracing Intensity Pledge Drive!
In the next month my goal is to increase my Patreon pledges in order to support the production of the Embracing Intensity Podcast! I decided to offer additional incentives if you join us by August 6th!

In the month of August I will start a monthly group call for Patrons, starting with a live presentation of my upcoming SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) talk!

Bonus incentives (valid for existing Patrons as well): 

$1+ Embracing Intensity Sticker

$3+ Embracing Intensity Journal (60 pages numbered dot grid good for bullet journaling, planning, reflection etc.)

$5+ Embracing Intensity Charm in Vivid Color

$10+ Embracing Intensity Diffuser Charm (for essential oil diffusing)

$15+ Embracing Intensity Charm in Metal

Funding Goals:

Goal 1 ~ $125 to cover the production cost of one interview episode per month.

Goal 2 ~ $250 to cover the production cost of both interview episodes per month. 

Goal 3 ~ $375 to cover all production and time costs of the podcast per month. 

If you have ever considered supporting the production of Embracing Intensity Podcast, now would be a fantastic time!