Emerald City Comic Con!
Hey friends,

Just a heads up that I'm tabling at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this week! Unfortunately I think tickets are sold out, so no last-minute attending, but if you're already planning to go I would love to see you at the table. I'll be in Artist Alley (which I hear is moving upstairs this year) at Table H9 with a bunch of other folks from Helioscope

I'm also doing a panel on the first day of the show (Thursday) from 3-4pm in WSCC 604 with Dylan Meconis, Kory Bing, and David Malki ! (<—yes, this exclamation point is legally part of his name) all about channeling your passions into successful work. Here's a bit of the description:

The creative world is full of copycats and trend-followers. It's tempting to go with the crowd, but what if the real secret to success is...originality? And what if your best ideas lie hidden in your weirdest skills and most unusual passions? 

WHAT IF, INDEED? Seriously: I love these folks, and I love talking about using personal passion in creative endeavors, so this should be a really good time. Plus, there will be fabulous prizes. 

As per usual I'll be recording this on my phone to upload to SoundCloud later, so if you can't make the show, never fear. I got'choo.

I think that's all from me for now—back to packing my bags full of comics!