Emerald City Comic Con THIS week / weekend!
Well IT'S TIME, Emerald City Comic Con is THIS Thursday through Sunday! I am still taking commission requests beforehand, though I won't be working on them till the show. So if you'd like one, send me an email ([email protected]) and let me know what you want, pencil or ink, and it'll be at the top of my pile while I'm at the show! (You can find commission prices/examples here!) OR you can let me know at the show and I'll let you know my availability! This year I'm a Guest (wee!) sitting alongside an all-star line-up in Artist Alley at Table I-1

For commissions, as always: 

  • $1 patrons get 10% 
  • $3 get 12% off 
  • $10 get 20% off

Here are some of the new things I'll have with me - a brand new romance mini-comic called Martial Outlet (available only as a PDF at the moment, but will be in print and on Comixology soon!) and Stucky and Buffy prints.

Hope to see you west coasters there!

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