Emergency Update (April 13th 17:45)
-Unintended things happen when conducting specific actions in the 2nd or 3rd barracks (fixed).


I'm at a loss with Shino's AW Skill. I just used her to assassinate the Goblin Queen (with the help of Amy's mercenary to take the very first hit), which makes me think that the 5 second warm-up would be too devastating to her effectiveness as a quick-to-deploy assassin for enemies like the Goblin Queen and her daughters in the future. Same issue I have with Immortal Princess Karma's AW Skill, really.

DPS and Damage Difference (with AW Prince):

25s Regular: 2135 (53,375)

15s AW: 4408 (66,125)

The decision would be easier if I had another character like Shino, but I don't.

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