Emily Lookout - In Progress
Hello. I made some pretty decent progress with this today. The helmet and face are shaded a bit, while the rest of the body is not. I feel you can really notice the difference. 

There are still lots of things that I'm not too happy with, but they'll no doubt change by the time Friday comes around (which is when I want to be finished with this)

The biggest takeaway from working on these so far, is that I feel I don't spend enough time with the outlines before I move onto the coloring. There are still lots of crooked little lines all over the place, and even though it's difficult without a fancy drawing tablet, I think I can just spend more time touching them up. I'll remember that for next time!

I'm also having some trouble figuring out what her bot companion will look like. This is a rough idea I came up with, but it's too basic. It kind of has a Death Star look to it too, which isn't good at all. So yeah! I still have to figure that out.

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