Emphyrion Alpha 1.0.3
This is just a basic example of what we are working on at the moment.

There is nothing spectacular here yet, but we will have much more to do

in the future. Right now you can test out the basic combat and

gathering, but you can't do much more than level your character. Later

we will have the ability to create things with the stuff you can gather,

and enemies. Once we get all of the basic stuff down, we will start to

build the actual game world, and characters. We are hand writing all of

the scripts, designs, and AI, so this project will take awhile, and we

would like you to be there with us. This game will be the biggest game

with free dlc ever, and we are not planning on charging anyone for any

of the content. Once the ball gets rolling we will be updating this game

more frequently, so stay tuned for more updates. Right now it is just

two of us trying to do this, so at the beginning updates will be less

frequent with school and work coming first. Thank you all for taking

interest in our project, and we hope to have more for you soon.