Empire: Realmsweed
A new type of flower has been discovered in the last year at Empire Lrp, it has strange effects on the lineaged and people connected to the realms in some way. So they called it Realmsweed. That is the extent of my knowledge about the flower without copy and pasting you some more information from the wiki for the game.

I was asked to draw the plant for the wiki but rather than just drawing one version I thought it would be clever to draw the plant influenced by all six realms.

Each took around 3+ hours to ink out onto paper and over all the project took a week to finish because you cannot just chain draw detailed pictures without making yourself hate everything. (many baths were had to maintain my sanity).

The finished pictures before any colour:

Day Realmsweed  - I think this is the flower that translated least well from what I had envisioned in my own mind, it needs colour as the constellations on the flower petals disapear. Although the coral was fun to draw, I kept touching the page as I drew it because it looks to have a feel to it.

Night Realmsweed  - Creepy. I wanted the flowers to look like eyes but not be eyes, so they have pollen in the middle that could be part of an eye shape, each has a ring of what should be 'rainbow' feathers aroud it which are typical of the realm.

Spring Realmsweed  - It was supposed to have more leaves than the other plants but the bushy effect made some of the details like spider legs disapear and become lost in the image so I chose not to draw the majority in.

Summer Realmsweed  - How do you make a flower look majestic? Cover it in swans and add to it sweeping woobly bits that look attractive and might convince butterflies this is an alright flower. Much like day, I thought the message was a little too subtle so added antlers to the plant.

Autumn Realmsweed  - Possibly the most subtle of all of the plants, this one has chains draped over the leaves like spider webs and key-like stamen on the actual flowers themselves. This one is the plant I am most looking forward to adding colour to.

Winter Realmsweed  - This plant is the hardy survivor of the set, it has small flowers and withered crinkled frost bitten leaves, draped slightly with ice and frost. This will likely be the hardest for me to colour because I do not just want to make a 'blue' ice plant.

There are still plans for me to colour the pictures but that will come in time.