I chatted to a few of you guys during the event, but for those that don't know - I had a terrible Empire. There's a very real problem with photographing LARP using modern digital cameras. LARP events tend to be very wet, and digital cameras really, really don't like that.

Friday night it rained heavily. I love the rain, it makes for great pictures at LARP - certainly for my style of photography anyway. It makes it all feel much more atmospheric and real so I try and get out to photograph as much as possible when it rains at a LARP game. But when I turned my camera on Saturday morning just before the battle, there was a problem. It wouldn't work. It kept throwing me an error message indicating that the shutter had failed - a costly job to repair and not something that could be done on site.

I've always been proud of the fact that I approach LARP photography with the same professionalism that I would have for any other clients, and that's why I asked you guys, my Patreons, to help me fund good insurance for my cameras. Not only does it mean I'm protected legally in case I hurt someone physically (or financially, etc) while shooting at LARP, but it means that I also get help financially with the repairs when my cameras pack up due to the British weather.

Fortunately Mandala LRP saved the day. They'd brought a huge Luton van to site stuffed full of props and it was basically a bit of a sauna in there when the sun hit it on Saturday. I left the camera in there to bake (no... really...) and by mid afternoon it was working again. Clearly the weather sealing on my camera is getting a bit old and some water got into the electrical connections, so I'm going to start looking at new cameras for next years LARP season.

So really I wanted to say thanks to you guys. Without so many of you sponsoring me on Patreon I don't think I would have renewed my insurance this year (being a student means money is tight!) and my event would have been far, far worse. Although I am vaguely pleased that I've proven you can shoot LARP battles successfully with bottom of the range gear. (That doesn't mean I'll be buying another bottom of the range camera next year though... I really do like the weather sealing!)

Rewards are heading out in the post today - I had to take a few days out of the business at the start of the month for various reasons. But hopefully they should arrive tomorrow!