Enamel Dragon Pins, Because I love You!

As of June, 2020 We are totally funded! AHHHHHH!!!! 😄

*** (Updates in comments. Please read them below ) ***

For the past several years, I've been thinking about getting enamel pins made as a way to show my appreciation to my clients/patrons. I always held off because the local pin company is ummm... shady AF with their business practices and, frankly, they scared me off of the idea. However, thanks to a friend, I've discovered a new and much more reputable metalworks company and this idea came back to firmly plant itself in my brain anew.

So, my question is this; would you be interested in an enamel pin of Thumbprint, my cartoon dragon mascot/logo/me?

Funding this will be a little odd. I do not want to turn these into merchandise as I feel doing so would undo their being the tokens of appreciation that they are. The best route that I can think of is to essentially club-fund it through Patreon here.

I love this idea because not only does it pass on my appreciation, but yours as well. I might be the face of Dragonmun Studios and it’s content producer, but I am not the pillar holding this art house up. You all are. Without you, I can’t do this. You are as important to each other as you are to me.

I’m looking at a production run of 100 to start with as it is their best quantity/cost option before going up into the thousands. Production+labeling+packaging+tax(?) comes to the odd number of $385.20. This doesn’t include the cost of shipping to you, which research put at being between $1-$3 within the continental United States… so I’ll just go middle of the line and put it at $1.50 each ($150 total). Adding a little padding for this/other surprises and the goal to reach comes to $600. I think we can reach that. :)

To be clear, if you have already contributed $6 or more (as most of you have over the numerous months you’ve been here), you will already get a pin when the $600 goal to make them has been reached (however long that takes) - and while supplies last. If you’re a follower, but not already a patron and want in, hop on over to the main page and click on any tier to participate (“Studio Access” is pay what you want, so if you want to throw down $6 or more to get in immediately, that's an option ). 

This changes nothing about the monthly perks. All Patrons still get the behind-the-scenes weekly Sivoa updates (which nobody else gets until actual publication) and private discord channel access. :)

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