Encouraging Updates from MEM <3
Hey folks! This is Megan. I'm dropping an update here so that you continue to know what's going on 'round these parts.

  1. I am healthier than I've been in a very long time. I am back to work!  Right now, I'm working 12-18 hour days, in order to clean up the financial mess in front of us after the last few years of my illness. I am really enjoying being able to work again, and it is an amazing feeling. I can attribute the last two weeks of dramatic shifts to the presence of Leela Sinha, who came to my house to save my life at the beginning of December -- and augmented my personal self-work process in ways that you would probably have to see to fully believe. That said, you're seeing it -- I certainly couldn't work like this before.

  2. I am still in constant pain, although thankfully that pain is now very low most of the time. It's much worse in the mornings and evenings, but it's become generally manageable. If I don't respond to something, or if I respond in a way that confuses you, please understand that I am actively managing this pain all the time. It's in my whole body, every inch of me, and it feels like my whole body is on fire and aching at the same thing. It's the same stuff I've heard described by friends with Fibromyalgia -- except I'm clearly getting better over time.

  3. Our biggest problem right now is financial, and we are working on solving it now. I am now heading Ideaschema again and working very hard (and very smart) to get it back on its feet financially. As soon as we do that, sailing will be smoother. We currently have a small bevy of passionate volunteers that are helping us make this happen. If you have a skill set that is useful in business, would you offer it to us? We are sorting out percentage income sharing, so as soon as Ideaschema is on its feet, all volunteers will receive some form of income as well. (Your choice -- my intention is to pay everyone exactly what they ask.) We are particularly looking for very simple, very quick-and-easy admin / typing / organizing help. <3

  4. Here are the four links you can use to help us out:

    *** Health Assist Donations Document: 

    *** Amazon Health Assist Wishlist: 

    *** PayPal link to donate dollars to the cause: 

    *** The initial draft of our in-process IndieGoGo campaign: 

  5. Remember, Megan Makes Music has also begun its relaunch at http://patreon.com/MeganMakesMusic. If you are familiar with my musical adventures already, and you'd like to support them, feel free to drop a dollar in that Patreon as well. It's evolving now, and it will become big and beautiful and joyful and very musical over the next few months!

Thank you for your help and love. I love you guys, and I am so glad to be able to do this work with you. Deep love, and deep gratitude.

<3, MEM