The end is not the end
It's been quite a journey. The genesis of an idea for a webcomic about a trans girl who loves comics and geek culture happened during my days as Writer/Editor at Silent Devil Productions in the '00s. We were constantly on the road at comic-cons promoting and met loads of interesting people. Seems like so so long ago. The title Validation arrived in 2008 while I was working with Walt Disney Pictures. Again, ages long past. When I left Los Angeles in 2010 I moved to New Mexico and decided to focus full-time on creating my own comics and prose. I lived in a trailer up in the mountains to heal from battles lost in work and love. It was there several years later I finally cracked the code and Ally came to life. 

The writing came quickly after that. By the time I had about fifteen or so strips written I read them aloud to good friend Tony DiGerolamo (my co-writer on Post Apocalyptic Nick) and he said enthusiastically "The time is now!" I then posted on Tumblr, PencilJack, DeviantArt, and a few other place in search of an artist.

One fortunate day I received a most welcomed email from Kelci D. Crawford. A few days later she sent over the first sketch of Ally and Mr. Dino and it's been non-stop creating ever since.

But now it is time to say goodbye to Validation. We're running a Kickstarter to help fund the final arc of comics. Your support here on Patreon does help with costs, but we do need a final push to get across the finish line. We're offering loads of fun rewards such as buttons, sketchbooks and comics. You can even be drawn as a character in one of the final strips!

The end is not the end, however. While we're sending Validation off into the sunset we're working on new Roxie, Tiny Unicorn and Mr. Dino comics. And in the very near future, prose featuring characters from the Validation universe will be ready to debut. Patrons will be able to read them before anyone else!

Kelci and I could never have done any of this without you and you continue to inspire us to create! We value our readers and know there is only much time in the day. Happy you choose to spend some of those moments with us.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being you! 

~ Christian