End-of-August News

A new month is nearly upon us!

First things first: the theme poll is up on Dreamwidth.  You can vote here in the comments or, if you have a DW account, there in the poll.

You might have noticed the lack of Expectant Wood this month; the Patreon slipped below the $40 serial level.  Nimbus will remain stuck in the plant stalk until we rassle up another patron or three.

Speaking of levels, I’ve been working on an Edally map/Diagram, as well as playing with Meta-Conversations.  Do either of those interest you as a reward tier?  I’m thinking something between $40 and the next story-based tier.

It’s a good time to think about other changes, too: is there anything you particularly like or don’t like about the current set-up? Anything you’d like to see changed or something that, if you’re not yet a Patron, would entice you to patronize?

I’ve been enjoying the prompt calls.  Coupled with the surveys, you guys have taken me places I don’t think I would have gotten to on my own — which has always been my favorite part of crowdfunding,  the author-reader symbiosis.

In terms of interface, I find Patreon’s lack of easy archive navigation frustrating — look here for a list of all story posts — but I think their new tagging feature might be helpful.  I’ve been tagging with month, setting, prompter, and type; can you think of anything else that might help?

Thank you all for your support.  I’m quite enjoying this little arrangement, and I hope you are as well.