End of May raffle!
So this is one of my legendary reroll accounts that I've been hoarding for over a year.  I started this back when Gogeta and Janemba were first released in Japan.  Now with their revamps about to be released, I figured it was time to giveaway some of these accounts.  

This particular one has the following:

 AGL Goku Black Rose*

AGL Super Vegito*

AGL Arale* x2


TEQ Future Trunks*

TEQ Whis x2

TEQ Future Trunks*

TEQ SS3 Vegeta*

TEQ Kid Buu*

TEQ SSJ Future Gohan*

TEQ 2nd Anniversary SSJ Goku

TEQ Arale

INT Super Baby 2*

INT SSJ Bardock*

INT Ultimate Gohan*

INT Future Trunks*

INT Vegito*

INT 30th Anniversary Goku

INT Elder Kai x11

STR SS4 Goku* x2

STR Omega Shenron*

STR Gogeta*

STR SSJ Gotenks*

STR Beerus*

STR Super Trunks*

STR Great Ape Raditz

STR Saibamen

PHY SSJ Gohan*

PHY Adult Gotenks

Every pledge of $1 equals one raffle entry.  So if you pledge $10, that's 10 entries.  I'll wait until the end of May and then do the raffle live on stream.  So if you're interested in this account, it's only $1 for a chance!  Good luck to everybody and thanks for the support!