End of the Month FYI
Hey all! Happy Monday! I cannot believe we are almost into May. 2018 is flying by, so make sure to slow down and embrace your loved ones and take time to enjoy all the little moments. They truly become the big moments!

Soon, I'll be posting a poll for what pics you guys want in your packages for those of you who have been with us for 2+ months. I so appreciate you guys.

On that note, I can see every transaction you guys make. I can see as soon as you sign up, I can see as soon as you delete. I see those of you who pledge on friday and cancel after sunday to see all the stuff over the weekend, but not be charged. And I see those of you who cancel on the 30th and come right back around the 3rd month after month. Seriously, that just not fair to those of us who love this community and are serious about it's content. I'm a really fair and cool-headed person, but I'm going to start blocking those of you who do that. I didn't want to, and I've really been patient, but the more it happens the more in bothers me and it's just not what we are about here. 

Again, thanks to those of you who believe in this "League" and are true to what we are trying to accomplish here! 



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