The End of the Patreon - Full Announcement Podcast Soon
Hi folks :)  

After discussions between Tom and I, we've decided to bring the Patreon to a close after we've published Episode 3 of News from the Omniverse, which will arrive with you sooner than normal (a day or two from now at the most). 

We'll be releasing  a companion podcast detailing the reasons why we're bringing it to a close at the same time we publish the bonus show, which will be the last one for the forseeable future. Following this, in late October we'll be releasing the NFTO episodes on the public feed for everyone. The explanation podcast will go into all of this and tell you about the future of LITO and the scheduling going forward from there. 

I'll be freezing the Patreon after publishing NFTO so that you aren't charged again, and I will be looking into refunding all of the money you've all paid so that you're not out of pocket. If the freezing of the Patreon locks you out of grabbing the new NFTO episode, we'll Dropbox it and send it to you so that you don't miss out on it. Thank you very much for all of the support you've given us, and hopefully someday we'll get to try this whole thing again with a bigger, more receptive audience in tow.  

I'll send you all a PM when I've confirmed that I can issue the refunds for you all and I'll then proceed to do that.  

So, that's NFTO Episode 3 coming in a day or two and then the podcast explaining the end of the Patreon will arrive around the same time.

Cheers, my eternal thanks, Chris (and Tom, whose ghostly presence is  also here, probably).