Hey guys,

So I decided that it's time to stop Patreon. When I started I had someone helping me stay on top of the back end YouTube stuff for all the channels. That person is no longer helping me out and I need to selectively get rid of some of my projects. I love my Patreon following. I loved being able to get to know some of you on a personal level and to see support from the same people month after month has been amazing. I truly thank you guys for pledging to the campaign and allowing me to share info and songs with you early. 

The main reason I'm stopping the campaign is because I believe you guys deserve MORE attention and insight for your support and I'm not in the position to provide that right now with so many other things I have to take care of by myself. NO ONE WAS CHARGED for this month so there wouldn't be a need for any refunds of pledges.

Nothing changes in terms of content. I will still put my best effort to provide steady content on my channel. Please follow me on Twitter where I will still share news about upcoming content and random streams as I decide to have them. http://www.twitter.com/TryHardNinja.

Thank you for making this campaign special!